Chris Brown - The Bands

Chris Brown - The Bands

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Episode Vl – The Bands. Rubber band magic draws out a spectator reaction unlike anything you could achieve with cards. This download will be about bringing you to that next level. One of my walk around routines consists of the bands. Most people have seen cards effects but the moment I pull out the rubber bands something changes. They no longer have a point of reference where they can say “I saw a rubber band magician once?? I think I know what you’re about to do.” They don’t. When I started card magic?? I also started coin magic?? rubber band magic and other impromptu in the hands?? walk around material. In my opinion?? if you can take an everyday object that people are familiar with and then change their perspective on it?? the reaction will be stronger. If you show them a crazy stage routine they’ll think “Well?? there could be a bunch of things I don’t know about going on here.” The reactions I have received from rubber bands is probably my favorite. They’re not complimenting me on skill or being skeptic about a card trick. They are simply fooled at this visual candy. They have no idea how this works. If you’re looking for 100 tricks to do with rubber bands you might want to look elsewhere. In this download I provide 4 parts of a routine that I’ve been doing for over 7 years. Each phase fades right into the next. Done completely right in front of their eyes. The traditional “Crazy man’s hand cuffs” is awesome.

The reattach and split are my original handlings but it would feel incomplete to only teach those which is why Episode Vl consists of my whole routine. There are a couple other versions of the reattach but I have never liked them because they didn’t feel practical and smooth to me. I’ve never met a band enthusiast who reattaches the bands. Here at I want to cover all aspects of my routines that I’ve been doing for over 7 years that work and that I have built onto throughout the years. I perform the bands routine at every event I am booked for. This download is taught from the point of view of the performer to make it that much easier to follow along step by step. You can do this routine with ANY rubber band really but I would highly recommend Alliance pale crepe gold size 19 bands. I already shopped for the best price for you. – Click here to buy – I bought a box of these and after 4 years I still have the same box. Greatest investment you’ll make and its not even 8 dollars. These bands stretch much further than most others. Keep bands out of extended heat/cold. Give the bands a quick wide stretch before you start using them. This will give them the level of elasticity that you want for your performances. The reason why these stretch so well is because its partly made of rubber latex. I consider this one of my greatest routines judging by the reactions it has received over the years?? which is why I usually save this one for last. This is a crowd pleaser?? the routine that will win them over. With reactions much different than of that created with cards. Enter the next episode. Welcome to the Bands.


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