Jason Alford & Jack Parker - ASHES TO ASHES

Jason Alford & Jack Parker - ASHES TO ASHES

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Jason Alford & Jack Parker - ASHES TO ASHES



Exploration and Development of Angled After-Burner!
Jason Alford & Jack Parker

Ashes To Ashes is an Ebook teaching Jason Alford's move "Angled After-Burner!"?? then exploring applications for the move. Applications are varied and include controls?? reversals?? color changes?? color changing cards?? a sandwich routine?? palms?? passes?? and many other ideas.

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"I was smoked after watching Jason & Jack demo these incredible applications.
In my opinion this is one of the hottest techniques to come along in many years!"
Doug Conn

Published June 27?? 2004
28 Pages
67 Images
Price?? $15.00

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Introduction - Jack Parker

The Original Angled After-Burner! - Jason Alford
Learn the original Angled After-Burner before experimenting with the uses to follow.

Learn to Burn - Tips on Angled After-Burner! - Jack Parker
Jack gives tips on learning Angled After-Burner.

The After-Burner Color Change - Jason Alford
This is one of the most startling color changes of a card that is angled off of the deck.

Back Burner - Jack Parker
After the selection rises to the top of the deck?? its back changes color.

Badly Burned - Jason Alford
Similar to Back Burner?? but with an extra phase and a few throw off moves for anyone who may think they're following you.

Twin Burner - Jack Parker
A very pretty and shocking color change of two cards simultaneously.

Half Burned - Jack Parker
This utilizes Angled After-Burner and a gaffed card (one you already have) to create a very clean change of one card to another.

Reverse Burn (Version One) - Jason Alford
A card is selected and left out-jogged in the deck. The selection is slowly pushed flush?? yet you can immediately show that it is now reversed in the center of the deck.

Reverse Burn (Version Two) - Jason Alford
Another method of secretly reversing a card in the center of the deck.

The Bold Reverse Burn - Jason Alford
The title says this one is bold?? and it is. This card reversal has a descrepancy in it that will make you smile when you try it.

Toasted Sandwich - Jason Alford
A very clean sandwich utilizing Angled After-Burner as an integral part of the method.

Burn Baby Burn - Jack Parker
The selection shrinks to half its size?? then returns to normal in a matter of seconds.

Hot Thoughts - Jason Alford
Various ideas for using Angled After-Burner to cover a palm?? half pass?? pass?? or a side steal.

Bonus items??

Four Change - Jason Alford
A quick change of a Four to a Three?? Two?? then to an Ace. Finally?? the Ace becomes four Aces.

Pre Heat - Jack Parker
This is a very interesting transposition between two cards without using a duplicate. Includes the "Pre Heat Double Lift"

The Hidden Half Pass - Jack Parker
A method for performing a half pass of a card in the second from bottom position of the deck. This is utilized for some of the routines in the book.


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