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Products Description

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Bill Dekel - Direct


Imagine asking a spectator to think of a word, and then naming their thought. Without a process that they need to go through, without fishing, you can name what they are thinking of. Not only that, but you will have hit rates in the 95% range. That’s not just a number, there is a carefully calculated range of success for this. Direct thought reading is now possible, one on one or in front of an audience, after you absorb Direct.

Direct utilizes a unique structure for presenting psychological forces that triggers 3 events unbeknownst to your spectators all of which work to give you the best possible results. Instead of failing about every 1 in 3 or 4 times as you would with a traditional psychological force, by using the Direct principle, your failure rates will drop to only about 1 in 15 to as low as 1 in 30, and even then Direct incorporates a set of impromptu propless safety nets to allow you to perform without fear. Imagine what it would be like if psychological forces always worked. Due to the structure and the principles behind the Direct system, this is now entirely possible.

Some effects that you can accomplish with this that are included in the book include:

Direct – The namesake presentation that can be used any where, any time if someone asks you to read their mind.
Madness – A spectator just thinks of a color and mentally projects it onto a business card. As they do so they notice the card changing color. Looking at another business card, the thought reader can see the change as well and is able to name the color with almost perfect accuracy.
Link – The mind reader establishes a mental link with the spectator allowing him to hear some of their thoughts and demonstrates power. This, as well as almost every effect in Direct can be used over the phone.
Drawing Duplication – An impromptu, gimmick-less drawing duplication that you can do anywhere any time with borrowed material and no fear.

This new structure and principle utilizes none of the following:

No Mathematics
No Dual Reality
No Preshow
No Props or Sleights
No Physical Contact (Works over the phone)
No Stooges (Instant or otherwise)
No Writing
No Equivoque
No Gimmicks

“Well thought out. I think it’s one of those things that many can
put into their arsenals and use at the appropriate moments.” - Greg Arce

“I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see this employed as standard
practice with psychological forces in the years to follow – It
would be ridiculous not to use it. If there is a PS4, this
deserves a chapter in it.
I used it tonight. I want to note that I have a means of using psychological forces with a backup, but I didn’t have to resort to it at all. This was such a simple idea that made my psychological forces constantly hit. It is so easy to do and completely invisible.
I had three direct hits with one woman, I didn’t have to resort to harvesting at all. It played very well.
Get out your wallet and throw it at DekEl.” - MagicAtlas from the Magic Cafe

“Bill was kind enough to send me a copy of Direct, and I must say
I like it very much. I tried it few times and it worked each
time.” - northerwarrior from the Magic Cafe

“I enjoyed reading through Direct and, like your other
publications, it really illustrates your depth of thought and care
for our art. Direct is a brilliant concept and I look forward to
any revisions and further thoughts you include. I think what you
have put forward can be built upon in so many ways. ” - NeilS from the Magic Cafe


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