Dan Watkins - Coinvanish Vol 2

Dan Watkins - Coinvanish Vol 2

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Dan Watkins - Coinvanish Vol 2


Following up his first coin magic book?? Dan Watkins brings to coin magic enthusiasts?? Coinvanish Volume 2.  Dan has pulled out all the stops with this new book?? which is double the size of his original Volume 1.  The material in this volume is focused predominantly for walk-around performers?? standing with spectators?? without a table?? that work out of your pockets.  Most of the routines utilize commonly available gaff coins (shell?? flipper?? C/S coin?? and C/S/B set).

The Middle Finger Backclip – Also taught in Coinvanish Volume 1?? this time Dan reviews and expounds upon this versatile utility sleight with added illustrations and work not tipped in Volume 1.

The Holster Holdout – An innovative one coin holdout that can be worn with varied clothing choices such as a tee-shirt and shorts or full business suit.

4 Coins?? Your Hands  - Arguably worth the price of admission alone?? Dan has created a revolutionary Coins Across routine that number of well respected professionals believe is one of the best coins across routines ever created.  Why?  From the spectators' perspective?? all of the magic happens in a spectator's hands.  The coins vanish one at a time from their right hand and arrive one at a time in their left.  One gimmick is used?? low level of difficulty.  To read more about this ground breaking routine click HERE.

Three Way Crossing – A very clean stand up coins across routine where three coins travel?? one at a time?? from the left hand to the right hand.  Before and after each coin travels?? both hands are clearly seen?? palm up?? to contain the appropriate number of coins.  One gimmick is used?? moderate level of difficulty.

Coinvention Crossing – Similar to "Three Way Crossing"?? this is the routine Dan performs and teaches on the upcoming Coinvention DVD.  This routine is more visual in nature and includes a wonderful interlude where a coin is seen to go across?? but then immediately appears not to have gone.  One gimmick is used?? moderate level of difficulty.

CSB Assault – Dan created this Copper/Silver/Brass routine to specifically meet the following requirements:  To not purposefully tip that any extra coins are in play?? eliminate any trips to the pocket?? to not use coin purse switches?? perform standing?? without a table?? to use the spectator's hands?? and have the coins examinable at the beginning and end of the routine.  The routine includes a rapid fire triple transposition that occurs in and out of a spectator's hands?? without the magician's hands even coming together.  A standard C/S/B gimmick set is used?? moderate level of difficulty.

Barley Hop – A very entertaining routine whereby a copper and silver coin keep returning to the left hand after they are placed in a pocket.  The surprise ending is suited perfectly to the restaurant/bar magician.  One gimmick is used?? low level of difficulty.

Simple 4 Coin Production – As the name suggests?? this is a very easy?? yet deceptive four coin production.  Dan's intent is to teach a four coin production that doesn't require difficult sleight of hand.  It also demonstrates that the simplest methods can often create stunning magic.  Ungimmicked?? very low level of difficulty.

Fingertip Sticky Coins – Is a streamlined version of "The Gadabout Coins" from J.B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic that happens with coins at the fingertips.  A coin is taken out of a fan held at the magician's fingertips and is placed into his pocket only to appear back in the fan of coins at the fingertips.  This repeats?? and then suddenly?? all the coins vanish.  Ungimmicked?? low to moderate level of difficulty.

3 Try – One coin is produced which then visibly travels from the fingertips of one hand to the fingertips of the other.  Dan repeats the effect with two coins?? and then strangely?? all the coins vanish.  A specialty gimmick is used:  the same one as "Coinvanish Trio" from Coinvanish Volume 1)?? low to moderate level of difficulty.

Comb bound?? 45 8.5" by 11" pages?? fully photo illustrated.


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