Shin Lim - The Vanishing

Shin Lim - The Vanishing

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Products Description

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Shin Lim - The Vanishing

"I almost hate to admit this?? but when The Vanishing was presented to me?? I couldn't figure out how it was done. Seriously?? it both drove me crazy and excited me?? and this is what makes The Vanishing such an outstanding effect. PLUS?? it's easy to learn. What you see is exactly what you get?? there is no special editing on this video!"
- Paul Gross?? owner Hocus Pocus.

NO special clothing requirements!

Preface: This utility device will allow you to do miracles when it comes to vanishing an object or making it travel from one place to another. It is light to carry and can fit in your wallet. It's not bulky?? and no necessary clothing requirements are needed. You can even use this gimmick naked if you wanted to.

Chapter 1: The magician borrows a small object?? a coin?? ring?? etc. There are no switches?? and the exact same coin is used the entire time. With a slow wave over the coin?? it effortlessly vanishes. No funny movements?? no sudden sleights. The coin is COMPLETELY gone. The spectator can FEEL your hands to make sure there's nothing there; because there is nothing...

At this point?? you can either choose to end there?? or continue?? and make the coin reappear again on your hand or in theirs. You then hand out their coin for examination and leave them with a signed coin they'll never forget.

Chapter 2: The magician borrows a tic tac box and a tic tac. There are no switches whatsoever?? and there are no alterations on the box or the tic tac. You cleanly place the tic tac inside of the box. And with no sudden movements?? the tic tac visually melts through the bottom?? and landing on your spectator's cupped hand. They can then immediately examine the tic tac and the box.

Chapter 3: The magician proceeds to use an ordinary coffee cup?? and asks the spectator for a dollar bill (or anything that can be crumpled up into a ball). He cleanly places the cup over the ball. With NO movements whatsoever?? he snaps his fingers and the ball is gone. You can then proceed to continue with your regular cups and balls routine; or you can continue to use the gimmick to make it a devastating cups and balls routine.


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