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Superhandz - Xtreme Beginnerz

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Superhandz - Xtreme Beginnerz 


Xtreme Beginnerz Volume 1

Learn Card Throwing?? Pen Spinning?? Dice Stacking?? and XCM from the world’s best!

This brand new 2 DVD set from Handlordz destroys the traditional thoughts of manipulation. Never before has such a diverse group of manipulators been assembled to create such an incredible DVD?? packaged in classic Handlordz production style galore. This DVD is geared toward those that want to learn a variety of mind numbing manipulation.

What will you learn?

Pen Spinning – Almost 1 hour of pen spinning instructions from Germany’s top pen spinner Robert Heim with layout by KAM. You will learn about pens?? the basic moves?? easy combos?? and get to see some never before seen advanced/ideas. This section teaches with slow motion?? visual instruction and voice over. There are far too many moves to list. Just watching the intro to this section on the DVD will leave you breathless. If you have ever wanted to learn about pen spinning?? then look no further!

Card Throwing – Learn from the current World Record Holder in Card Throwing – from Rick Smith Jr. In this amazing section?? Rick will teach you all the details on his power throw. From grip?? stance and his release?? you’ll be throwing like a pro in no time. Rick also teaches the classic boomerang card and let’s you in on 2 of his live performances to see how he incorporates card throwing into his own act. Chop vegetables and learn to throw with deadly accuracy using Rick’s special throwing techniques.

Basic Dice Stacking – You will learn everything about cups?? dice?? surfaces and of course basic stacking in extreme detail. The teaching in this section is very visual?? with 3D models?? and repeated?? slow motion instruction.

De’vo underground XCM/Dice hybrid work - De’vo will teach you his incredible moves?? ideas?? and combos. Yes?? De’vo stacks dice with cards! Impossible? He doesn’t think so. This section is worth the price alone if you are a card worker looking for something different to add to your act. Learn with incredible detail several different ways to stack dice with cards to include advanced ideas and combos that will destroy your audiences. You haven’t seen anything like this before!


 2-handed Cuts - Underground artist Daniel Madison will teach you no less than 5 of his favorite signature 2 handed cut combos. Learn with in-depth teaching from multiple angles and slow motion highlights.

Palm Back Fans - Ulmen Trials Competitor Ciappi will teach you his Palm Back Fanning techniques. Learn the basic Palm Back Fan?? the Giant Palm Back Fan?? and his “Arena Display” (2 fans in one hand.) Ciappi will also demonstrate some variations of these moves.

XB Vol. 1 routine – Jerry Cestkowski will teach you a complete flowing routine by using moves found in the first Xtreme Beginnerz DVD set. He will also teach you 2 variations of his deck twirl.

Charlier Challenge – Many people know the classic Charlier Cut (basic one handed cut)?? from magicians?? manipulators and just people off the street. De’vo created this challenge to use on those that know this classic move. Can you complete the challenge on your first try? If not?? De’vo will teach you the ins and outs of this challenge so that you can use it in your own act.

Fun?? Bloopers?? and more! - witness hilarious bloopers?? spend time with the Superhandz crew with a manipulating chef and much more.

This DVD set is hosted by Angela Funovits from the NBC show entitled “Phenomenon” with Criss Angel and Uri Geller. Angela will guide you through every aspect of this large DVD set.

We could have packaged any one of the manipulation sections as it’s own DVD?? however decided to put them altogether in one single very large 2 DVD set offering you the best of all worlds.


Stacking dice with a deck of cards is out of Control!

 - Lee Asher

WOW this is amazing the pen spinning was cool?? but i think that the best part of the DVD is the card flourishes and little combos?? I recommend this to anyone who wants to take their skill level to the next level

 - Tanner Connor

Insane. This set is to die for.I'm privileged to know a number of the people featured in the set. When De'vo told me it was coming out?? I was pretty excited. Now that I have it?? I'm fixated on the pen spinning (and Angela?? but that's another story!). To add that kind of manipulation to the mixed is pure genius in my view. What an incredible compilation of diverse artists!

 - James L. Clark

When I was watching this preview?? I was still practicing a move from XB1?? the Flash Drei Impossible Stack Close. I saw Daniel Madison do all of those crazy cuts?? which looked pretty damn cool. And when he shows you it was a false shuffle?? I just sat there?? dropping cards with my mouth open. This DVD is INSANE!

 - Filipe Silva

This DVD is a great way for XCMers to learn some new cuts. The cuts on this DVD are NOT for beginners. It also consists of a video of Jerry Cestowski doing a basic flourishing routine from XB1 so I recommened getting XB1 also so you can learn the routine. XB2 also has a penspinning section. Now?? i am not a penspinner but the section looks like it is for beginners. The artist goes into great detail for you to learn the moves. Another section of the DVD is De'vos Dice Stacking. It is a very cool techinique combining some basic flourishes to stack dice. Overall?? this DVD is a great way to improve flourishing and is also a great DVD to have in your collection. I hope you buy this DVD and watch it.

 - Godwin Lee

Xtreme Beginnerz Volume 2

Product Description

This is the new ultra hot DVD set from Handlordz productions that everyone is RAVING about!  It features De'vo vom Schattenreich?? Jerry Cestkowski?? special appearances by Daryl?? Jeff McBride?? Greg Irwin?? and a brand new artist by the name of Q.
This incredible DVD set is geared toward the beginner all the way to experienced card handlers in the art of Xtreme Card Manipulation?? and covers all the basics as well as some intermediate work!  This mamoth DVD is almost 4 hours long!  There are also many ideas and moves that HAVE NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE!  Around 80+ moves?? ideas?? combos and variations are on this DVD!  Just an unbelievalbe amount of information!  Scroll down to see the massive content list!

Never before has such a DVD been made featuring Xtreme Card Manipulation.  This IS the definitive beginner resource for our art form and will be for years to come.

De'vo has included a concept from the Ulmen group in Germany - called "perching"!  This new concept is incredible and will have even the most experienced card handlers scrambling for their cards to test their creativity!  So many ideas are possible and this section will only barely scratch the surface of this fascinating concept.

One of the highlights of the DVD is a special 1 hour fanning workshop that stars Jerry Cestkowski who is world renowned for his perfect fans!  This section alone is worth 2 times the price of the DVD!  Real world info that you will not get from anyone else!

Learn with Q?? a complete beginner we trained for 4 weeks.  This is one of our favorite parts of this DVD!  We know you will learn a lot from Q and his experience!  This is another 1 hour section where Q spends 2 weeks with De'vo?? and 2 weeks with Jerry training moves on this DVD set.  The results are real and unedited!  All the drops?? grunts and troubles along with the fine tips that the pros give Q to succeed in the moves taught.  There are also lots of fun moments including a sparring match with Jerry and getting picked up in a stretch hummer by De'vo for late night partying.

 XB DVD Content Listing
This 2-DVD SET is currently 3 hours and 50 minutes long...   Enjoy the published listing of the XB DVDs content!

Chapter #1. Things to know
-What is XCM?
-Basic Card Knowledge
--What cards to use
--opening a new deck of cards
--Card equipment - close up mats and XCM boxes
--Dropping cards thoughts and ideas
--How to pick up cards
--special XCM pick ups from Jerry and De'vo
-XCM Jobs - orientation
-What to call yourself
-The manicure

GREG IRWIN - Finger Fitness Expert teaches hand health and exercises for XCM
-Hand massage
-Hand and finger stretching/2 several exercises
-Flexibility stretch
-itsy bitsy exercise
-ladder walk
-splitting exercises - UNPUBLISHED!

Chapter #2. Basic Moves
-Classic Charlier
--Double Charlier
--Running Charlier
-Open Book
--Double Book
-Double Flop - UNPUBLISHED!
--Triple Flop
-Charlier Showcase
--Special Close
--Special Close combo idea - UNPUBLISHED!

-One-handed shuffle
--cool shuffle ideas (3)
-One Handed Square Cut
--Double Square Cut
-Scissor Cut
-Thumb Cut
--Triple Flapjack
--5 Packet Flapjack
-Ribbon Spread
--Twin Peaks
-Flick and Pop Opener
-Swing Cut
--Running Swing cut
-Pivot Cut
--Pivot with spin
--Double Pivot Cut

-Deck Twirl
-Twirl Pick Up
-Twirl Put Down
-Deck Division #1
-Deck Division #2
-Deck Division #3
--Combo Ideas
--Single packet throw
-Packet Flipping
-Simple Turnover
--single and double handed
-Basic Trip
-Trip Double
-Basic Turnovers
-Trip Turnover
-Triple Turnover
-Running Turnover
-Flipback w/reverse
-Charlier Flipback Combo
-G-Force Flipback w/reverse - UNPUBLISHED PUBLICALLY

PERCHING CONCEPTS - too many ideas and screen shots to list! ALL UNPUBLISHED!
Basic Perching
Reverse Perching


Jeff McBride's Salamander Combo - UNPUBLISHED!
-Simple Roll
-Around the World
-Salamander combo
-Single Card Roll
-Double Card Roll
-Around the World 2
-Salamander Combo 2 - advanced!

-Daryl's Hot Shot Cut

-Vertical Spin
-Wind Elemental Finger Spin
-Impossible Stack Close - UNPUBLISHED PUBLICALLY!

-Spring - Proper corner grip method
-Basic Armspread
--Basic Down Catch

CHAPTER # 3 - 1 HOUR Fanning Workshop
-Deck condition
-Thumb Fan
-Fanning Techniques
-Pressure Fan
-Twin Fans
--Twin Fan Close
-Giant Fan
-In-depth on the weave
-Production fan
-One handed close
-Simple close
-Nice close
-Jerry's in the hands spread - UNPUBLISHED!

CHAPTER #4 - Performing XCM Pro Tips
-Pro Tips
-Handling the Deck
-Switching Decks
-Travel carry items
-Sound system info
-Watches?? rings?? bracelets?? cuff links?? banded collar shirts and pins and others.

CHAPTER #5 - Q SECTION - Our Xtreme Beginner learns about XCM
The Q section is where we take someone that knows NO XCM?? and trained him for 4 weeks or so. He tells you of his troubles and successes with the moves we taught him below. Also he tells you how the problems were corrected. We think this is one of the most amazing things on this DVD!

World Meet Q
Q's introduction and background

-Q meets Jerry
--card room
--Jerry does a demo
-Q learns card basics/how to powder?? break in deck?? cards etc
-Q learns the Charlier Showcase
-Q learns the Thumb Fan
-Q learns a basic arm spread
-Q and Jerry fun - scars and throwing cards
-Q - 5 Days Later progress

-Q learns about Casino Nights
-Q learns the one handed shuffle
-Q learns the flipback basic?? reverse?? and G-Force
-Q learns the Flick and Pop
-Q learns the Swing Cut and Pivot Cut
-Q learns the Turn Over
-Q - 5 Days Later progress

- FUN - Q spars with Jerry
-Q learns the Deck Twirl
-Q learns the Scissor Cut
-Q learns Twin Fans
-Q learns the Spring
-Q and Jerry fun - closet scars and a hammer

-Party and jamming with De'vo vom Schattenreich
-Q learns the Vertical Spin
-Q learns the Wind Elemental Finger Spin
-Q learns the Flash Drei
-Q learns the Impossible Stack Close
-Q - 5 Days Later progress
-Q's Final thoughts and closing

- Many hilarious bloopers!
Coin Roll - De'vo's (2005 world's fastest coin roller) technique
--Coin over Ring Technique
--Combo Ideas



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