The American Sticks by Scott Alexander

The American Sticks by Scott Alexander

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The American Sticks by Scott Alexander

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"When properly and skillfully done, the Sticks remain one of the best tricks in magic." – Charlie Miller

The classics are performed for decades and even centuries for a reason. Audiences love them. They are routines that fool and entertain everyone. The Chinese Sticks is one such classic. Top pros over the years have used "The Sticks" from Tommy Cooper to Roy Benson to Gaetan Bloom. The American Sticks is a combined effort of a great routine by Scott Alexander and the best set of Sticks ever made by craftsman George Millward.

Scott Alexander has combined the best of the best. Concepts from classic Sticks routines including Roy Benson, Russ Glover, & Tommy Cooper have been upgraded and added to new touches to bring you the most practical, hilarious version yet released. 

The American Sticks is very visual, really funny and totally practical.

Simply The Finest Sticks Ever Made!

The American Sticks look exactly like two sticks of solid Oak. Not even close! They are gaffed to the hilt.

Let's explore the construction of The American Sticks. They are actually square Aluminum tubing that has been polished on the inside to provide a smooth surface for the weight to slide on from end to end. The weight is ingenious and the true heart of these revolutionary Sticks. It is constructed of brass but there are 16 Teflon bearings that contact the running surface. The weight has exactly the correct dimensions and mass that guarantees you'll always have complete control over your Sticks. The operation is SMOOTH but not too fast and not too slow. 

The Aluminum tubing is hidden under an industrial grade veneer process. Oak Veneer has been applied using the same technology used by Mercedes-Benz®. Even the closest visual inspection will not reveal the true secret of The American Sticks. They look exactly like pieces of Oak. The pictures tell the story.

George Millward has spent many hours creating what we believe are the finest Sticks ever made. The American Sticks release is actually Version 3 of George's fantastic Sticks. The first and second versions released in 3 stick sets were stepping stones to The American Sticks.

5 Major Magic Moments

Some magicians may dismiss any version of The Chinese Sticks as nothing more than a routine from a magic set. They are making a big mistake. When performed skillfully the audience is led down a path of 5 Major Magic Moments. Think from puzzle status to MIRACLE STATUS. Each phase leads the unwary spectators down the "Garden Path". The audience consistently believes they are onto the method only to discover they have been led down a path of deception and deceit. The reaction is astonishing!

The American Sticks is Hilarious Over 80 Extra Jokes Included

The American Sticks is a routine that is totally adaptable to play for any age audience. Scott's performance was shot live on a cruise ship in front of about 1000 people. 30 laughs in 7 minutes. Scott's deadpan style used in The American Sticks is easy for anybody to do. It's a master class in comedic timing and delivery!

Also included is Scott Alexander's Foo Ling Yu book delivered in PDF format. Over 80 jokes you can swap in and out depending on who your audience is. From family audience to corporate show to bachelor parties. Dr. Foo Ling Yu provides all of the comedy ammunition you need.

Incredibly Easy To Do – Packs Flat, Plays Huge

It really doesn't get any easier than this. The American Sticks handle like a dream. Once you master the simple handling and choreography, performance is mindless. You can concentrate on your performance not technique. Scott teaches the best way to handle each phase. It's simple and very easy to do. 

The American Sticks is really do pack flat and play huge. The size is only 12" x 2" x 1" in your case. The weight is 1.5 pounds.

The Video Training

The American Sticks video training is delivered by instant download when you place your order. You will have the training instantly so you can start the learning process while you wait for The American Sticks to arrive. The video is delivered in HD 720P. The training is 1 hour and 26 minutes in length. There a performance shot live inside a cruise ship theater. The Inner Secrets of The American Sticks are covered in incredible detail you've come to expect from Bob Kohler Magic. 

For protection of your investment the video is embedded with each owner's identity. Please read the License section for details.

The American Sticks Performance License

All purchasers should be aware that their identity is permanently embedded with the video download.

After your purchase you will receive an e-mail verifying availability. In backorder situations the purchaser agrees that the order cannot be cancelled after the training video has been downloaded. Downloading the video training establishes receiving the product. Bob Kohler Magic will contact you within 48 hours if your order will be backordered with an estimate for delivery.

The American Sticks is designed for professional performers. It is our intention to protect your investment in The American Sticks.

When you purchase The American Sticks you are paying for two items. First are the actual American Sticks made by George Millward. Second is the performance license. The American Sticks and License are a single product. It's is yours to use and perform until the guidelines below. If you ever decide to sell The American Sticks please understand that you are selling both the The American Sticks and License. After sale you no longer have the right to perform The American Sticks routine. 

All legal owners of original copies of this routine have the right to perform this presentation in non-recorded, non-broadcast, live performance settings only.

No one is permitted to manufacture, sell, teach, lecture, translate or otherwise use, 
demonstrate, display, vary, translate or discuss these methods or presentation.

All broadcast, narrowcasting, cable, internet, intranet, YouTube, or use in a lecture, speech, talk and/or any and all other uses are strictly withheld by the authors and permission for all other uses throughout the universe by anyone other than the authors must otherwise be obtained in writing from Bob Kohler first.

Availability & The Backorder Process

If you would like to check on availability before purchase please write to:

We will respond ASAP but please be advised that sales on the internet are instantaneous. It is possible we will advise you The American Sticks are in stock but in fact our stock is sold out before your purchase. We are not responsible for any backorder situation. 


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